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We're not here to change you. We're here to uplift your career to enable you to transform representation in leadership in the Creative Industries

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Practical lifelong knowledge

We want to look after your career as a whole, not just help you get your next gig. Our content is representative of 15 years of conversations with professional like you and powered by your sister organization SheSays.

Custom-made for you

We help you boost, craft and map out your career with a combination of clever algorithms and clever humans coming together to create a plan just for you ‘cos we don't believe in one size fits all advice.

Accountability network

The WEI comes with an accountability network.

An accountability network is different to having a mentor, this network is made up of advocates and peers who go beyond having a nice chat or pep-talk.

Want more?

  • Bite-size videos that get straight to the point
  • Zero judgement and lots of support when you feel stuck
  • Progress tracking - and cheering
  • Just gimme what I need to know content
  • Tons of practical resources with tips on what to read and what to skip as well as links and events related to your personal plan

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